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Webinar On-Demand – Secure Your Digital World: Practical Cybersecurity for PNG

Discover essential cybersecurity practices with our comprehensive webinar, “Secure Your Digital World: Practical Cybersecurity for PNG.” Now freely available, this recording is a vital resource for anyone looking to enhance their online safety in Papua New Guinea.

Whether you’re managing your personal digital footprint or protecting your home network, this webinar is tailored to provide:

  • An understanding of the major cybersecurity threats that individuals and families face today.
  • Practical tips and straightforward strategies to fortify your online security.
  • Insights into creating strong passwords, securing your home Wi-Fi, and safe internet browsing.

Led by cybersecurity experts, this session demystifies complex security concepts and delivers easy-to-implement solutions. Protect yourself, your family, and your personal data by learning how to navigate the digital world safely.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge that could shield your digital life. Watch now and empower yourself with the tools to maintain a secure online presence in PNG.

Why Watch?

  • Gain essential cybersecurity knowledge specific to the PNG context.
  • Learn from experts how to effectively secure your personal and home technology.
  • Free access to expert advice that can prevent potential cyber threats.

This webinar is an ideal starting point for anyone in PNG looking to understand and improve their cybersecurity measures. Equip yourself with the knowledge to protect against online threats and maintain a safe digital environment.

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