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Who Are The Best Managed Services IT Providers In Townsville And The Rest Of North Queensland?

So you’re managing a growing business in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing technological landscape, and you’re considering partnering with a Managed Services IT Provider? Exciting times! But as you dive into the complex decision-making process, you might find yourself feeling a mix of emotions—from excitement at the prospects of scalability and efficiency to being overwhelmed with all the options, services, technologies, and decisions you’ll need to make.

Fear not.


Choosing a Managed Services IT Provider should be an empowering experience, not a daunting one. In fact, a significant indication that you’re working with the right IT partner is how they make the entire process of exploring, evaluating, and implementing a fully managed service feel effortless, engaging, and absolutely tailored to your unique needs.

Here at National PC, leaders in Managed Services IT Services, we know firsthand the challenges and questions faced by businesses like yours. We prioritise education, transparency, and tailored solutions, even if it means directing you elsewhere if that’s what best fits your needs.

So why this article, you ask? The answer is simple. We often hear the same pressing query from businesses across the city and from the region:

Who are the best Managed Services IT Providers in our area?

It’s a complex question, and unfortunately, many online review sites that rank IT service providers often miss the mark. Why? Because many times, the companies they feature have to “pay” for the privilege of being listed.

Surprising, isn’t it?

So before we delve into the qualities that set apart some of the standout Managed Services IT Providers in your area, let’s outline what defines an excellent IT service partner in the first place.

What makes for a great Managed IT Provider? (questions to ask)

  1. How long has the provider been in the IT industry?
  2. Does the company specialise in certain technologies or services, or are they more a jack of all trades?
  3. What is the expected/promised response time for support or implementation of new solutions?
  4. Are they proactive in monitoring and solving problems before they occur?
  5. Do they offer solutions that match your specific business needs/budget?
  6. Do they provide a long-term partnership, including ongoing support, regular updates, and potential integration with other products or services?”

These questions align with critical considerations for businesses seeking to engage with Managed Services IT Providers, touching on factors like experience, specialization, agreements, support, client feedback, alignment with needs, and long-term commitment.

Now here’s a list of Managed Services IT Providers in Townsville and the Rest of North Queensland:

EFEX Townsville

Located on Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park. EFEX provides a full range of services available from printing to phones and IT Services. Provides excellent regional support and coverage.


Located in Townsville, Bowen and in Brisbane. ADITS can assist you with boosting your organisation’s productivity and efficiency via Managed IT, Cyber Security, and essential IT services


The NQIT team delivers high quality technical support combined with proactive IT strategies that will not only solve existing problems, but will also keep your business up and running at all times in the future.

External IT

External IT started in Townsville in August 2012 where they quickly identified a market to provide a High-level of Professional IT support and services to Business in the Townsville region. Now, they are supporting businesses across Queensland, from Cairns to Brisbane.

5G Networks

5G Networks Townsville provide a strategic consultancy, hybrid IT, migration service and round-the-clock devoted Australian service management and support. Based in South Townsville, provides solutions Australia Wide.

The Computer Workshop

At The Computer Workshop Group they are passionate about helping you with your IT needs; so passionate that they proudly stand by their motto “We make IT happen”. They consider themselves in the communication business, so their first goal is to understand you and your needs, then they can move onto making your IT work for you.

There you go, that’s the summary, a list of some of the top Managed Services IT Providers in the Townsville area. Hopefully you now feel more equipped and educated to find the right fit for your needs moving forward.